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The Love Bus


The Story:
A trial cure for infidelity causes mayhem for the inventor and his team as they test it disastrously in their own relationships and promote the drug from their California “Love Bus”.

Genre : Comedy
Studio mid-budget
Script: By Sina Bowyer (108 pages)
Status: Script available for option

Story Teaser:
Half of all marriages break up if people even bother to wed in the first place. That is until the Love Bus team promote Pro-fidelity, a bio-chemical panacea that promises renewed courtship and commitment to every troubled couple. The drug is a surgically inserted hormonal implant that operates on an ever-increasing feedback loop of love, measured by romantic quotient, or RQ.

Twittish British inventor Dr Rupert and his racy campaign manager Cheryl head up the programme’s controversial launch in San Francisco, and from here the Love Bus passes through city to coast to rural towns and finally to LA. At first, the bus team think that a global pro-fidelity campaign can save the planet, but they can’t even save their own relationships, either with the drug or without it.

Out on the road, they enlist ex-Governor Arnie, charm married couples and commitment phobic singles, outwit a creepy pledge group, snub some sex workers and bond in the wilderness – all while fending off the menacing leathered bikers FEAR (F**k Em and Run), and a raving rep from the FDA. The worst culprit is Dr Rupert, who uses super-charged injections to commit to an exotic Asian hotelier (a covert formula thief) who follows the bus, but when Anuja evades his advances, Rupert spikes her with pro-fidelity. A loved-up Bollywood babe is born – completely infatuated with herself…

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