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White Royal

The Story:
A female scientist breeds cybermoths for MI6 which unreliably self-destruct; so when the English crown prince and his Saudi fiancée are kidnapped, the discredited scientist vanishes with her “bugs” to the Middle East to find them, using YouTube to expose top level lies.

Genre : Action thriller
London and the Middle East
$15-20,000.000 (cast dependent)
Script: By Sina Bowyer (107 pages)
Status: Script available for option

Story Teaser:
The English crown PRINCE JAMES and his Saudi fiancée JUMAN are on a yacht in the Red Sea, diving in coral reefs, when they are snapped by paparazzi from a small speedboat.

In England, MORGAN BANKS, 38, a brilliant but otherworldly scientist is testing out cyber-moths when she hears the news of the controversial royal engagement. She lives a makeshift life, centred on her moth lab in Windsor and research overseas, but MI6 are terminating her contract due to a self-destruct glitch in her moths that caused soldier deaths in Afghanistan.

Devastated by the failure, Morgan tries to re-connect with her 13 year old son, DYLAN, who got himself expelled from school in India because he misses his mother. Morgan has bred out the self-destruct glitch in the newly hatched “white royals” and shows her son their tricks, eg. video capture, SATNAV and target tracking, but hides her suicide bomber moths.

In London Morgan is brought in and questioned by the HEAD of MI6 and SCOTT, a handsome American de-coder and defence expert, 35, who takes charge of her work. She tries to convince them of her recent breakthrough, while sinister MI6 operatives ransack her lab – but Dylan sneaks out through a back window with the new moths and her laptop.

At MI6, breaking news informs Morgan that the royal couple have been kidnapped from their yacht, with kidnappers demanding £50,000,000.

Meanwhile, Dylan has run up to Windsor Castle to spy, but the royal family have fled to Balmoral and he loses a moth to a housekeeper, during which he is abducted. Dylan is later returned to Morgan by Scott, who will only release the rest of the moths if Morgan proves herself with vital intelligence.

The moths in MI6 capture a strange meeting between Billionaire Oil Sheik JUMAN’S FATHER, the Head of MI6, his ASSISTANT, and Special Ops soldier AMON, who will lead an SAS rescue. When Scott and Morgan later try for a secret rendez-vouz with the MI6 Boss’s assistant, she is run over and killed – she knew too much.

Morgan and Scott watch shaky footage of the ransom payment to Saudi kidnappers horribly hijacked by Yemeni pirates, who have shot them and taken the royal couple to a new hideout with increased demands for £70,000,000. It’s now clear that both kidnaps are internal – but not how…


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