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Wedding Heist

The Story:
A bad boy charmer and his Burlesque stripper girlfriend re-do a robbery, to fund his male enhancement surgery and their wedding.

Genre: Crime romantic comedy
Location: New Mexico
Budget: $2,200,000
Script: By Sina Bowyer (100 pages)
Status: In development and seeking investors

Story Teaser:
CARL is a small time thief who seduces wealthy women to steal their valuables. He beds a villain’s wife, and when cops arrive in pursuit of the villain, Carl is caught in the crossfire. He hides some diamonds in a giant cactus just as the enraged villain shoots him in the groin.

ISABELLA (Izzy), a beautiful but eccentric Hispanic girl, is at a funeral when she is approached by seedy bar owner, FRANK.  Frank knew Izzy as a child and employed Carl as a bartender before his arrest. Izzy discovers her mother’s past as a Burlesque stripper and moves into Frank’s bar, with routines for chores, prayer and erotic dancing.

Fresh out of jail, Carl watches Izzy perform at a “welcome home” party – and is smitten with her. Meanwhile, the villain who shot at Carl, RAMON, is dying in a Mexican prison with a bullet hole in his throat. He signs his will and breathes his raspy last, but it’s all a ruse to break jail.

Bar owner Frank mocks Carl’s manhood publicly, mad that Carl won’t retrieve the gems. Izzy turns up on Carl’s doorstep after she’s broken amorous Frank’s nose and run off. Frank retaliates with spy cameras.

Carl and Izzy form a unique sexual bond, helped by re-constructive surgeon MARIANNE DICKERS, who is confident she can help Carl to get his former glory back. She secretly beds Frank. Carl wants his surgery and Izzy wants a wedding. They all wrongly think that the villain was Izzy’s father, and ignorant that Ramon is loose, Carl convinces Izzy to retrieve the diamonds as “inheritance”.

Ramon hits the news when he attacks a couple at his old Santa Fe house, but doesn’t find the diamonds. He almost kills Carl, but Carl teaches him a new respect for Izzy, after which Ramon decoys police so that the lovers can do the break in. Hot on their trail, Frank demands a share and offers an alibi using DNA proof that he is Izzy’s father. Frank swallows the diamonds and is arrested, but attends their wedding cuffed to a warden as bait to catch Ramon. Sure enough Ramon shows up and is shot by police snipers from the church roof during a grave top champagne toast.

On their honeymoon, Carl is raw from surgery but keen to consummate, while Izzy is the resistant virgin who’d rather strip. She runs away with the gems, and Carl heads home, sorely tempted to test his new tool on an ex-girlfriend. Izzy casts the diamonds from a mountaintop, and Carl resumes a life of emptiness – until she returns to him one night, and with bittersweet confessions, they start their honeymoon afresh .

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