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The Story:
A kickboxer has both kidneys stolen in Thailand; and barely surviving stem cell surgery, he sets off on a trail of love and revenge.

Genre: Martial Arts  Thriller
Budget: $5,000,000
Location: Philippines/China
Script: by Sina Bowyer (98 pages)
Status: In pre-production

Story Teaser:
Drifting through South East Asia, Perry Dice lives for underground kickboxing tournaments and easy sex. In a dirty, illegal fight, the Mafia regional favourite “Scorpio” cheats him of his medal. With one doomed full moon night before he flies home to divorce, Perry opts for a date with a sexy “nurse” he met online. At a sleazy warehouse party she spikes his drink.

Perry wakes in a bathtub of ice, two 6” wounds on his abdomen. Rushed to hospital and hooked to dialysis, the chief surgeon treating him, Dr Lam, is arrested. Not only was it Lam’s beach-house where Perry woke up, but police say Lam has created a victim to trial his stem cell research. Barely conscious and moved to a remote guarded hospital, Perry agrees to pay for a stem cell transplant, and the moment he wakes up, his mind is set on revenge.

Controversial pop singer Nula May creates a stir when she comes to sing on the geriatric ward as a route to Perry. She accuses her Russian mobster fiancée, Ivanov, of the crime and wants them to destroy an organ trafficking ring. Perry has trained to re-build some of his former fitness, and he busts out of the isolated hospital.

Re-visiting crime sites to trigger his recall, Perry is falling in love with Nula, who adds risk by breaking off her engagement to Ivanov. Perry infiltrates the city prison, fake ID’d as a priest to visit Dr Lam, now realising that Lam is innocent, and that he has a race against time to catch the real criminals before Lam faces a firing squad…


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