rolling out entertainment


The Story:
A charming lawyer falls for a power hungry socialite who helps him into politics, but her sex games and dark past threaten to ruin his success…until the only way out is murder.

Genre: Political Noir Thriller
Location: London
Budget: £3,000,000
Script: By Sina Bowyer (112 pages)
Status: Seeking Danish co-production

Story Teaser:
A male corpse hangs from the chandelier in Grace’s mansion, and is cut down by police as Doug’s voiceover asks if two lovers can be soulmates when their obsession has led to violence and death.

One year earlier: Ambitious, charismatic and oversexed, DOUGLAS BELLAMY runs a small legal practice in the London suburb of Hanley. He hopes to qualify as a QC (Queen’s Counsel), but without powerful friends, he’s not going anywhere fast. The gay LORD PINKETT (Pinky) arrives at Doug’s office, a good friend of the Tory MP Mary Kent, who has just died. She never left her daughter a penny, only created a trust fund with Pinkett committed to the Hanley Conservative Party. Pinkett offers Doug double his usual rate to attend the funeral, and Doug’s curiosity is piqued.

A latecomer arrives at the funeral as the eulogies finish: GRACE KENT, Mary’s beautiful, provocative, daughter and Lord Pinkett’s God-daughter, who has returned from New York. Grace entices Doug into the vestry, where he hears that she’s an now an orphan, unlawfully occupying her mother’s house. Pinkett finds them pulling away from a kiss (Doug is easy bait), and as they go for a walk, Grace and Pinkett disclose how Grace’s father abused her and denied her a rightful inheritance.

Mary Kent’s uptight ex-aide, JASON HAWKES is suspicious when Doug refuses to discuss the trust. Meanwhile, Grace re-decorates her mother’s house and installs her erotic art collection. She meets Doug at a winebar, and spells out the enticements if he re-writes the deeds with her as a fraudulant trustee: her Godfather will ensure that Doug’s QC application succeeds, the trust fund will sponsor his campaign as MP…and they will be lovers. Doug waits to add his own signature to the deeds until his QC registration is approved, a process that is fast-tracked by Pinky’s best friend. Doug feels like a King as he is driven out of Westminster in Pinkett’s Maybach, and arrives at Grace’s house for some celebratory lovemaking, involving a highly versatile sex chair.

A brash, witty New York publicist, SORCHA GLUCK, arrives in London, teaching Grace tango steps and plying her with cocaine. They attend a by-election debate at which Doug trumps the panel members with a petition of signatures from Parliament backing his bid to run as Hanley MP. By the end of the event Doug has drunk too much and Grace emerges from the toilet in a drugged up state. Everybody else leaves. They sneak out to the back of the town hall, and two figures are caught on CCTV having sex at the fountain, faces barely hidden. Doug tightens his tie around Grace’s neck as they reach climax, while a security guard, BARRY, scrutinises the footage on his surveillance screens….

Full treatment and script available on request. This script is protected by the UK Copyright Office.