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RED RUG PRODUCTIONS is a UK based film production company, established in 2010 by Sina Bowyer, producing our slate of international, independent theatrical feature films.

We are currently developing and packaging Nefarious, a noir political thriller set in London that strikes a tone somewhere between Body Heat and House of Cards. Potential seed investors with an interest in EIS tax relief (see investment page) will be guided through the process by our experienced film investment lawyer.

We are also developing The Contessa, a crime romantic comedy set in New Mexico, which is a highly film incentivised state, with stunning settings. We have a talented executive team in place, key locations agreed, post- production facilities and a financing plan underway that reflects the project’s re-conceptualisation as a high concept US independent film.




A charming lawyer falls for a power hungry socialite who helps him into politics, but her sex games and dark past threaten to ruin his success…


The Contessa

A bad boy charmer and his Burlesque dancer girlfriend plan to steal a diamond necklace known as the “Contessa”, to fund his surgery and their wedding…


White Royal

A female scientist breeds cybermoths for MI6 which unreliably self-destruct; so when the English crown prince and his Saudi fiancée are kidnapped, the discredited...



A suicidal old lady plans to move out to the homeless, when she is followed by a scientist who says his age reversal drug can give her a "second chance...


The Love Bus

A trial cure for infidelity causes mayhem for the inventor and his team as they test it disastrously in their own relationships and promote the drug from their...



The Story: A kickboxer has both kidneys stolen in Thailand; and barely surviving stem cell surgery, he sets off on a trail of love and revenge.


Short Films

Our short eco-thriller, Crude won Best Foreign Featurette at Idyllwild in California and Best Environmental Film at the New York City International Film Festival, as well as 14 nominations at other international festivals. It stars Rupert Frazer (Foyle’s War/The Bank Job) as the oil boss, Cengiz Dervis as an eco-terrorist, Kate Braithwaite as an environmental journalist, and Michelle Greenidge as the bereft Nigerian mother.

Crude has screened on Shorts TV and is streaming on Indieflix.

You can view the full film here.

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